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Understand how National Telehealth Solutions provides your school or business with the mental health support programs that are much needed in today's society.

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About National Telehealth Solutions

Welcome to National Telehealth Solutions, a beacon of innovation in virtual healthcare, proudly based in Dublin, OH. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to revolutionize healthcare access for businesses across the nation. In a world where quality health benefits are more crucial than ever, we stand as your trusted partner, striving to alleviate the challenges businesses face in providing their employees with exceptional healthcare benefits.

Our Philosophy

At National Telehealth Solutions, we believe in the power of accessibility and customization. Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses and their employees, we’ve meticulously crafted a platform that harmonizes the expertise of leading virtual healthcare providers. This unique amalgamation ensures that our members have unparalleled access to esteemed telehealth services, anchored by the pioneering vision of Teladoc® – the largest and most venerable telehealth provider in the United States.

Empowering the Next Generation

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve tailored our Virtual Telehealth Mental Health programs as a beacon of support for students in K-12 through college by helping them navigate the complexities of mental and behavioral health. Recognizing the pivotal role of mental well-being in academic success, our program extends beyond mere assistance. It is a commitment to providing round-the-clock support for students grappling with stress, anxiety, depression, and more, ensuring that help is always within reach, regardless of their location within the 50 states.

What sets our mental health plans and solutions apart is its holistic approach. We transcend the limitations of traditional SAPs and digital-only solutions by offering comprehensive counseling services at no additional cost to students or their families. Our evidence-based care and cutting-edge technology converge to craft a nurturing environment for students, fostering resilience and empowerment.

Our Experience

Guided by our seasoned executive team, enriched with extensive experience in business and healthcare, National Telehealth Solutions stands at the forefront of telehealth innovation.

Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to improving healthcare access. With each step, we’ve refined our platform and services, driven by a vision to establish a new standard in the telehealth industry. 

It’s this dedication to progress and quality that positions us among the most promising telehealth providers in the nation, ready to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Group of diverse students smiling together at a classroom table, embodying positive mental health.